About IOS

Pack your bags for a trip that will change your life forever. Take the first boat to Ios. Don’t think about it twice. As the boat sails through the Aegean Sea and the seagulls fly among the masts, you can just dream of Ios Greece…

Ios is a typical Cycladic island, with quaint whitewashed houses, winding alleyways and many churches having impressive blue domes. Indeed, some of these churches are the finest attractions on the island. We suggest purchasing a map of Ios Greece and taking a tour of the most popular churches and monuments on the island.

The salty breeze, the groups of young people wandering on the ship, restless, happy, and singing will smoothly carry you towards the rhythm of Ios Island Greece. They are all travelling to the island of the 52 golden beaches, some of which are secluded and other that are packed with people, and the more than 150 bars

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